“at home at Ryokan” service


- Reservation Service -

You may ask our English speaking staff about condition and situation of Ryokan you are interested in through e-mail, telephone or fax before you make a reservation. When you finally make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us. Also you will be introduced about the Ryokan you will stay.      at home at RYOKAN – Ryokan ReneissanceNakaya-Mitsui Build. 5th floor 5-20 Minami-cho,
Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture 920-0919 Japan
*Group discount
A group of more than 8 people will be offered more than 20% discount by some of Ryokans.      *Car Service
You will be offered FREE Car Serivice to JR Kanazawa Station when you check out by some of Ryokans.

- Questions and Answers Service -

guy-on-trip      You will be given a “Relief Hotline” number when you finish making a reservation. You can reach our English speaking staff almost always by simply dialing this number or just sending e-mail.at home at RYOKAN – Ryokan Reneissance
Relief Hotline” number will be given upon your reservation.

* Kanazawa Sightseeing Spot
* Kanazawa MAP

- Partnership Ryokans -

Our partnership Ryokans welcomes you as they are so that you will experience “Real Japan”.      


- Accommodation Rates - 

Accommodation rates of our partnership ordinary Ryokans are between 5,000 and 10,000 Japanese Yen per night without meals. High-class Ryokan’s rates are between 30,000 and 60,000 Japanese Yen per night included breakfast and gorgeous dinner served in your room. These fees included following “Relief Program” services.

- “Relief Program” Service -

As a traveler, you will naturally have questions. In such a occasion, you can reach our English speaking local staff by simply calling “Relief Hotline”.
“Relief Program” includes following actual services you may ask:      (1) Local foods restaurants information.
(2) Basic manners and general notes at Japanese cuisine restaurants such as Sushi bar.
(3) Basic manners and general notes at Japanese public baths.
(4) Interpretation service when you encounter communication troubles.
(5) Directions and navigation service.
(6) Simulated experience of Japanese business people’s after 5pm drinking out habit.
(7) Ongoing local events or theaters information.